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Entries in 200 mm (13)


64/365 Primes: 2x Teleconverter

This is kind of an extreem post. X2.

ISO 800  200mm  f/5.6  K3, 2X teleconverter = 600mm equivalent  f/11  Hand held.

As I was wrapping up I noticed this little fella (above) swimming past a fisherman.  I just did this hand held and was amazed I got not just one acceptble image, but several.

I wanted to expitiment with my old 2X teleconverter and the 200mm f/2.5 lens.  I'm not a fan of teleconverters but years ago I purchased one but had mixed results with an inferior lens.  So I decided to test the teleconverter with both a full frame camera and a 1.5 crop sensor body

Camera: Pentax K1 FF

Camera: Pentax K3 1.5 Crop

2X Teleconverter like this one (Mine is not the same)

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

The image below is for perspective, shot on the K3 with my 24-70 at 39mm.

ISO 100  39mm   f/6.3  1/320th

Compare these two images of fishermen across the pond from me.

K1, ISO 100  200mm f/5.6  1/125th 2X Teleconverter equivalent FL 400mm and f/11 Tripod mounted.

K3, ISO 400  200mm  1/125th 2X Teleconverter equivalent FL 600mm and f/11 Resting upon tripod without tripod mount.

I need to get another mounting plate for my tripod head!  It is really difficult to nail focus at 600mm just resting on top of a tripod.  But as a snooping tool...the 200mm plus 2X plus crop sensor does get you some reach. 

K1, ISO 400  200 mm  f/2.5  1/400th 2X = 300mm FL f/4.5

K3, ISO 800  200mm  f/2.5  1/500th = 600mm FLE, f/4.5

The tree in the above two images is the same tree in the 2nd image shot with the 24-70.

It the 2X usefull? Yes. Can you make great images using it? Maybe but doubtful.  If you really need the reach and you use a tripod you can get usable images, but there is image degredation.  I read, after shooting these, that it is recommended to use fast lenses fairly wide open because with the 2 stop loss of light it gets hard to focus manually or auto focus if you stop down to much.

It would be fun to compare the K1 with the 200 mm and the K3 with the 200mm and the 2x. 200mm vs 600 EFL


63/365 Primes: Old School 200 for Portraits vs 77 Limited


I've long read arguments for using a focal length of between 85mm and about 105mm. But I read an article somewhere about doing headshots with a 200mm lens. Also outside this "normal" focal length for portraits is the 77 Limited.  But I heard people talk about it and I saw images that made me oo and ah.  So..

Set Up:

I wanted a FF body for this because the way it creates shallow depth of field is more pronounced.  We can do the whole circle of confusion discussion later or just search it out.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

Lens: smc Pentax-FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited

Light: 7pm golden hour and a 30" or so round scrim.

Model for the project: Tasia Larkin

ISO 400   200mm   f/2.5   1/400th Tripod mounted.

ISO 400  77mm   f/1.8   1/125th Hand held.


Both lenses are nice but the 77 Limited is easier to use. It often does not need a tripod and with auto focus I nail focus more often.  The 200 f/2.5 is harder to use but it does obliviate the background and compress the subject.



59/365 Primes Rain Rain Go Away...Again 200mm


Another rainy day.  I drove up into Big Cottonwood canyon to see if I cound find anything to shoot with my 200mm hanging out the van window so I wouln't have to go out in the rain.


Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

I parked the van in a pull out of the canyon and shot downhill.

ISO 100   200mm   f/4.5?   1/20th Hand held resting on the drivers window.

I love leading lines and this winding road gave me some.  I tried a 1 second shutter speed to capture tail lights going down the mountain but resting the camera on my half open window was not enough to steady the camera.

The gloom of the rain was beautiful: ISO 800  200mm   f/4.5?   1/200th Restin on the open drivers window.

ISO 800   200mm   f/2.5?   1/200th Resting on drivers window.

I would love to get inside this old but still in use power substation. It sits right next to the road as it winds up the canyon.


As I get used to this lens I am learning to slow down and I'm getting a higher ratio of keepers. I'm getting better at manual focus. It is a fun lens when you have time to be patient.


58/365 Primes 200mm Snoop Machine or Landscape Tool?


What does a 200mm lens do best? Snooping or landscape?  Ha ha!  Well let's see here...

I noticed a hobo (vagrant) camp across the river from a park.  It is away from public sight and so possibly the public doesn't complain.  I shot this lens as a 200mm, meaning I shot it on a full frame body.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

The Pics:

Landscape first:

ISO 400  200mm  f/4.5?  1/250th  Mounted on a Three Legged Thing

I'll do a review of the Three Legged Thing later.  This was the path back into the edges of the park and the river bank.

ISO 400  200mm   f/4.0?   1/320th  Tripod mounted.

Okay, not much in the way of landscape material but it does give a tight, compact view of the area rather than including the surrounding clutter.



ISO 400   200mm   f/4.0?   1/320th Tripod mounted.

ISO 400   200mm   f/4.0?   1/320th Tripod mounted.

Aren't these cardboard and cast off/stolen building material homes neat?  They have no sanitation so it apears they just make piles of trash, leave derbis laying around or toss it in the river.  I guess this is a step above living under viaducts, but man...what a way to live in the US of A!


As a snooping tool 200mm on a FF body is not that long of a reach.  But I think I will have a go with my 2x teleconverter. Its a cheap thing I bought early in my photography ventures.  But I'm curious.


53/365 Primes Old School ish.


Sometimes when you comit to a project like this one, you find days where you haven't gotten out and the sun is going down so you grab a lens or two and run out the door hoping to find something before the light goes away. I grabed the 77mm and my 200mm f/2.5 and started driving. The sun was getting low and I had to find something fast.  There is this old ruined compound next to a golf course with high fences. I stuck the 77 Limited between the gap on the fence at the gate but 77mm was not long enough to make anything interesting. For the most part. So I tried the 200mm. I had to reach up to the top of the gates and slide the lens down because the lens hood was too wide to fot through.


Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

ISO 800  200mm  f/4.0?  1/320th Hand held

ISO 800  200mm  f/4.0?  1/320th resting on a fence hand held.

ISO 800  200mm  f/4.0? 1/800th Hand held.

This is an ond school lens. A little heavy and very fast. A film era lens on a digital body.  So I decided to process these in Nik Color Efects Pro. It is a lovey bit of software. A plug in for Adobe Lightroom. 


I felt that treating the images as psudo-film was justified. The lens grew up in the age of film and the landscapes here are degraded and reflect a time past. It was a nice marriage.  I need to get out with this lens and shoot at f/8 or f/11 and really test it's sharpness.