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61/365* Primes Temple Square at General Conference

I missed a day so this image is from April 1st. Taken after I had done a family portrait at 12:30pm on a very crowded plaza.  To the right there is a group of people from Korea that had just asked me to take their photos with their iPhones which I gladly obliged.  The others are picniking while waiting for the next session to begin.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: 31mm f/1.8 Limited.

ISO 100   31mm   f/4.5   1/1000th Hand held.



60/365 Primes 31 Limited and Toby


I was hired to photograph a young lady and her dog Toby and a nearby park. She was only in town for the day and I had limited openings. So, we shot at 9 am with a fairly clear and high sun.  Every other day this week has been overcast as well as the day following.

Set up:

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited

Light: Partial shade and a Photogenics strobe with soft box on 1st photo. Full sun 2nd photo.

ISO 100   31mm   f/5.6   1/200th Hand held with strobe in a soft box.

Toby's eyes are so crisp! and the gras and mountains in the background have a nice out of focus blur but stay recognizable giving Megan and Toby all the attention. (note photo is un-retouched and it was windy)

ISO 100   31mm   f/2.2   1/4000 Direct sun, hand held.


I'm thrilled with the way the 31 Limited performed. at f/2.2 the bokeh got nice and smooth and really blurred out the background. Toby's eyes are crisp but his nose is out of focus.

IS I have no idea how "is" got there, nor why I cannot delete it. 


54/365 Primes More Rain/Decay


Rain rain go away come again...Sigh.  It is spring! Lots of rain, lots of grey skies, lots of flowers and green things coming!

I drove all over and the rain just did not let up so I just embraced it.  I found a couple of abandoned buildings and I find a lot of beauty in decay. The three shots today are 1. An old indoor soccer field (I think), 2. An unkempt flowering tree with an equally unkemp building. 3. A middle income neighborhood and canal.  All with foreboding skies.

Set up and images

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited

ISO 400  31mm  f/4.0  1/1250th Hand held.

I drive by this rusty building at 70 mph quite often but I've never really thought about it. My son played soccer for years but we somehow never ended up playing or practicing here.

ISO 400  31mm  f/4.0  1/500th

I liked this long neglected tree growing as it wants next to this abandoned building. 3 teens got out of the car in the photo and walked around for a bit the got back in and slowly drove to the other side and got out again.  They found a way to get in and I heard some banging around before I left.

ISO 200  31mm  f/4.0  1/400th Resting on a concrete retainer.

This is next to another road I drive by often but the road is higher than the neighborhood and there is a concrete barrier there so one does not see much.  In Utah we have these irrigation canals that bring water to farmers.  It is an old system and even though most of the area is urban now, the system still is in demand, but I don't know who uses it.


I'm not sure what to say.  I like the images. They tell parts of the story of my community. the 31mm Limited did pretty well at f/4.0. It was a dark day so I'm glad I did not have to raise my ISO even though the Pentax K1 does very well at higher ISOs.



52/365 Primes 31 Limited Outdoor Portrait

I photographed Sarah a few months ago. Today we shot outdoors and I used the 77 Limited and the 31 Limited lenses.  I'm just posting a few from the 31 mm. Sarah and I with to an old bulding near my studio that the roof has disintegrated and has enjoyed a lot of grafitti and a few (apparantly) illicit parties.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited

ISO 400  31mm  f/1.8  1/1000th Hand held.

The 31mm lens wide open has a nice gentle bokeh. I like the way it renders.

ISO 400  31mm  f/5.0  1/50th  Hand held. Natural light.

This place is chaotic and I needed some lens blur to calm it down,  At f/5.0 I was able to get enough detail to tell the story without distracting to much from my subject.

This lot was ajacent to the ruined building. 

ISO 1600  31mm  f/2.0  1/1000th Hand held.

This one came out a little soft but I love the feel of the weedy trees and the "lost" girl.  This was in the waning evening light.


51/365 Primes Grass and Flowers

It is spring which means the return of green grass and flowers. I'm having fun getting used to my 31mm lens.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited

ISO 200   31mm  f/3.2  1/400th Hand held.

You have to excuse me from postin too many flower pics.  I'm excited for spring.  These are peach blossoms from my front yard. At f/3.2 the depth of field is pretty shoty. I like the way it leaves enough detail to have visual interest but lets the flower remain center of interest.

ISO 200 31mm  f/1.8  1/800th Hand held.

My sons played soccer on this field.  I know it well and it holds many happy memories. new, younger teams play here now.