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53/365 Primes Old School ish.


Sometimes when you comit to a project like this one, you find days where you haven't gotten out and the sun is going down so you grab a lens or two and run out the door hoping to find something before the light goes away. I grabed the 77mm and my 200mm f/2.5 and started driving. The sun was getting low and I had to find something fast.  There is this old ruined compound next to a golf course with high fences. I stuck the 77 Limited between the gap on the fence at the gate but 77mm was not long enough to make anything interesting. For the most part. So I tried the 200mm. I had to reach up to the top of the gates and slide the lens down because the lens hood was too wide to fot through.


Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

ISO 800  200mm  f/4.0?  1/320th Hand held

ISO 800  200mm  f/4.0?  1/320th resting on a fence hand held.

ISO 800  200mm  f/4.0? 1/800th Hand held.

This is an ond school lens. A little heavy and very fast. A film era lens on a digital body.  So I decided to process these in Nik Color Efects Pro. It is a lovey bit of software. A plug in for Adobe Lightroom. 


I felt that treating the images as psudo-film was justified. The lens grew up in the age of film and the landscapes here are degraded and reflect a time past. It was a nice marriage.  I need to get out with this lens and shoot at f/8 or f/11 and really test it's sharpness.