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58/365 Primes 200mm Snoop Machine or Landscape Tool?


What does a 200mm lens do best? Snooping or landscape?  Ha ha!  Well let's see here...

I noticed a hobo (vagrant) camp across the river from a park.  It is away from public sight and so possibly the public doesn't complain.  I shot this lens as a 200mm, meaning I shot it on a full frame body.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax 200mm f/2.5 K-series

The Pics:

Landscape first:

ISO 400  200mm  f/4.5?  1/250th  Mounted on a Three Legged Thing

I'll do a review of the Three Legged Thing later.  This was the path back into the edges of the park and the river bank.

ISO 400  200mm   f/4.0?   1/320th  Tripod mounted.

Okay, not much in the way of landscape material but it does give a tight, compact view of the area rather than including the surrounding clutter.



ISO 400   200mm   f/4.0?   1/320th Tripod mounted.

ISO 400   200mm   f/4.0?   1/320th Tripod mounted.

Aren't these cardboard and cast off/stolen building material homes neat?  They have no sanitation so it apears they just make piles of trash, leave derbis laying around or toss it in the river.  I guess this is a step above living under viaducts, but man...what a way to live in the US of A!


As a snooping tool 200mm on a FF body is not that long of a reach.  But I think I will have a go with my 2x teleconverter. Its a cheap thing I bought early in my photography ventures.  But I'm curious.