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34/365 Primes Photographing the Wind

I had planned to photograph the Great Salt Lake at sunset but apparently it is a good idea to check on the weather from time to time.  The day got very blustery and the skies filled with dust and junk the wind kicked up.  It wasn't pretty. So I decided to photograph the wind.

Camera: Pentax K1

Lens: SMC Pentax FA 50mm f/1.4

ISO 100, 50mm, f/1.4, 1/100th Tripod Mounted (Three Legged Thing)

I love this. shallow depth of field, only some of the seed pods are in focus. There is motion blur from the wind here so zooming in will not make you happy about details, but I like the image as it is.

The following 3 images are at different shutter speeds as the wind beat the tall dry grasses.  These definitely capture the essence of wind or the motion created by the wind.  The question is how much motion blur is enough?

Lens: SMC Pentax FA 31mm f/1.8 Limited

ISO 100, 31mm, f/22 1second. Tripod mounted.

Lots of blur! I kind of like it but I feel that one looses a sense of what it is. Almost ghost like.

ISO 100, 31mm, f/8, 1/8th Tripod mounted.

I like this amount of blur. My preffered image was shot at 1/15th second but to be fair the constantly changing velocity of the wind had much to do with the amount of motion blur.

ISO 100, 31mm, f/5.6, 1/15th Tripod mounted.

This is my favorite of the bunch but to be fair, there was a lot more wind than this photograph conveys.

My other attempts to photograph wind led me to video. The K1 has nice video capabilities so I matched it up with the nifty fifty and shot a few examples of the wind with motion.  Lot's of wind noise!

ISO 100, 50mm, f/4?, Details not in metadata. :( Tripod mounted.

Lastly, I loved this image as the skies were finally starting to clear.

ISO 400, 50mm, f/8, 1/10th. Tripod mounted.

I wanted the slower shutter on this one to capture the whole environment in motion against the sturdy old bridge and the implacable mountains.