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Pornography and Abuse. Sobering.

A friend shared this article with me. It is to good not to share.


One in Four vs 99%

One in four college age women report having been raped between the ages of 14 and college.

3% of college men report ever having been raped.

99% of rapists are men.


I cringe when men say ""Men need to put an end to violence against women." As if women have no power to do so?" or "People need to end violence against people. The problem with violence transcends gender."

I agree that women commit violence. But statistics point to greater amounts of men commiting violence than women. My particular crusade is to stop men's violence against women, particulary rape and domestic abuse. In this area men are 99% the cause. Men, all men need to stand up and say NO!  This is not what real men do. We don't abuse our women, we protect, encourage, treasure, forgive, accept, nurture, and provide. We need to stand united as men against violence so that all men know that this behavior is beneath us. We do not accept this.

Yes, violence does trancend gender, but not by much. No, we men need to accept the burden of stopping violence against women and children by males.

Check out these statistics: People need to end violence against people. The problem with violence transcends gender.


Erin's Story

Erin is an actress and teaches in Salt Lake City. She has had a tough road but is fighting to have her own life. Her story is one of a girl who fell in love and the man she fell in love changed and the relationship went very dark. When the opportunity finally came to break free, she did. But the results of the abuse he inflicted are pretty severe.

But this wife and mother is rebuilding her life with a mighty struggle to go onward and upward despite all the problems.

We love to bring in a professional hair and make up artist to work with these women. We invite the survivors to bring whatever wardrobe they feel will help them express who they are and help them take back what was lost. Tammy Taylor-Cooper was the make up artist for this session. I believe the outfit choices for Erin relate to the stage and some production but I don't have those details completely straight. Anyway, you need to hear Erin tell her story. Despite some production issues with sound, the story is worth hearing and thinking about.

First, here is our before and after shot. We do our very best to bring out the full beauty of the women we are serving.

Here is Erin's story:


Rape is about what the abuser does, not what the victim wears.

We often hear, even from judges sometimes, that the girl caused the rape. But rape is about what the abuser does. Nothing else.

Read the article.


Violence against women: A Men's Issue

Jason Katz give this amazing talk on TED Talks. I agree with him. Men need to step up.


We need to build a society of kinder, gentler men who teach each other that it is not okay to use or abuse women in greedy, self serving ways.