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Shea Spinden - Portfolio Build

Shea is a young lady who wishes to begin a modeling career. I photographed her mom a few years back and she brought Shea into my studio.

We started with some beauty headshots. I think she has some good bone structure going on.


She followed directions very well and was so easy to pose.

We followed that up with a few fashion looks.

And then more casual with denim shorts and a shell top.

Here is her before and after hair and make-up.

I will have more of Shea in a week or so. Stay tuned.


Make an appointment today for your senior portrait beauty makeover.  801-502-5942


Family Portraits (I'm back)

There is nothing I love doing more than making beautiful images which capture people's happy memories.

This sweet family was so cute!

Enthusiastic kids rock my world!


Melissa Papaj: Purple Passion

This is my good friend Melissa Papaj. She has modeled for me before and she is a fine photographer in her own right. Melissa is 35, wife and mother of two. Purple has special significance to each of us. To me purple represents the struggle against epilepsy which is important to me because my son suffers from epilepsy.

To Melissa, purple represents the fight against Alzheimer's disease. Her beloved grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's. So we decided to put this session together to help build awareness of both of these terrible health issues. 

Nicholle Roberson did Melissa's makeup and hair. If you ever need professional hair and makeup artist Nicole is one of the very best in the business. Find her at Alias Professional on Location Hair & Makeup or on Instagram as: nikki_r_alias

You can find the rest of Melissa's set here.

I am taking bookings for this spring.  Call 801-502-5942.



Rella is a professional model who was referred to me by fellow photographer Steve Berlin.  I did her head shot and beauty portrait.  I also created an addition to her current modeling portfolio.

Call today to schedule your beauty portrait.  801-502-5942


First portrait done since my stroke

In the wee hours of the morning saturday, November 7 I woke my wife by having a long seizure. When I did not come out of the seizure can regain consciousness for nearly an hour she called the paramedics and they took me to the hospital. This lead to the discovery of a brain tumor. On Sunday, November 8th I have a surgery to remove the tumor and during that surgery I suffered a stroke. Stroke left me with my right arm not working. I'm having to relearn how to do things with my left arm only. But therapy is coming along well and my right arm is responding and I'm regaining movement in the arm. I cannot control my right wrist or hand yet, but they tell me they are optimistic for a full recovery. One week after my seizure, or six days after my surgery and stroke I took these portraits using just my left-hand, and my daughter to help me set up the camera stand.

 Thank you to the Strong family for entrusting me with your family portraits.