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Ghosts of Utah Cemeteries

I hunt ghosts. You may not believe in the supernatural and of ghosts, but I do believe that ghosts are real.

These are some photos that I have taken on this theme from 2012 till present.

These pictures are of a Ghost named Mary Higgins in the Midvale Cemetery taken in October 2015.

I think if I remember right, there are also a number of of the graves were for the Servian Orthodox Church. See if you can read this tombstone:


This ghost is one of my oldest ghost photographs. My technic has been evolving ever since I started this project, but I have noted that ghosts sometimes are more and sometimes less transparant. I don't know what accounts for this.

This is the same ghost but a little while later in the evening. 


This is a different ghost and a different cemetery. The Bingham Cemetery near Copperton Utah. She is the ghost of a dancer:

This ghost was captured just 3 days ago, also in the Bingham Cemetery.



Tom Sparks AWOL

Sorry folks. A blog should be more consistant than I've been of late. I am setting a goal to put up fresh new work at least once a week, and possibly more often.  So, here is a little smattering of what I've been up to.


Kelly Lynn, a fellow photographer's beauty head shot.


A retired dentist and his sweet heart. Photos for mission head shots and for their children and grand children:

Family Portraits:




And so much more.


Fall is upon us. If you need a great fall family portrait, call and schedule today, there is no time to wait!




C.c. Johnston's Senior Portrait at International Peace Gardens

C.c. was a referred to me by a friend who I had photographed earlier. C.c. loves to dance and just graduated from High School.  We did her session at the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City, Utah.

It was misting a gentle rain for most of her session. I think it rained every day in May!  But C.c. was a champ and we had fun making some great images of this smart, charming young lady.

If you've never been, check out the International Peace Gardens. It is so pretty, you will have to dodge several photographers or moms photographing their kids there, but it is an interesting an pretty place to visit.

If you need a personal, family, or event photographer please contact me. I love making people look their best.  801-502-5942


Bridals: The Portrait Your Parents Will Keep Forever

Your bridal portrait is the one everyone will see on display the moment they walk into your reception. It is the one that wil hang proudly in your parents home for decades. The one your little girls will treasure and dream about when they grow up. Do it right. Do it well. Do it with style.

Call today for your free consultation.

801-502-5942 or use the contact button on this page.


Miss Utah International 2015: Thelina Smith

I was privileged to photograph Thelina Smith, the current Miss Utah International, earlier this month. See below to find out more about her but first enjoy the photos.

Thelina is passionate about finding a cure and helping people with Lupus. You can find out more about the local Lupus Foundation here.

See the full set of photos from this photo session here.

If you are looking for a fabulous hair and make up artist, find Myke Dy. His work is superb. He did Thelina's make up in these images.

Tom Sparks Photography is ready to do your make over and glamour portraits. Call and schedule today. 801-502-5942