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How NOT to choose a photographer

This is a hilarious youtube video of a "portfolio review".  I just could not pass up the opportunity to post it here.  This is what I aspire to... uh, well not really.

Rainey Sunday Morning

I've lost 35 pounds this past year, but now that school is back in session I am finding it difficult to get as much time to exercise.  So, even  though it was raining I got my camera gear, which I keep in a Lowepro Flipside 300 backpack, and went walking on the Jordan River Parkway in South Salt Lake.  Most of the time the rain was okay, fairly gentle so I got my camera out and started shooting.  I was going for some interesting colors or textures.  Here are a couple of the images I made:


 So as I was walking along the trail looking to the West I saw this trailer park with the clouds and the mountain in the background.  The view wasn't so great but I thought about what I might be able to do with it in post processing.  I tried a couple of things, but I ended up liking this moody one here.There were these plants along the walk.  I don't know the genus and species, but they looked nice with the rain and the waterdroplets.Along the parkway there were a number of signs asking people to stay out of the wood because of re-vegitation.  Actually I think they are trying to reduce the number of illicit trysts going on in the wooded areas.I loved the brilliant yellow color here contrasted against the grey environment.I loved using my 28-70mm 2.8 to get a nice bokeh here.  The water droplets are cool to.  The wind added a touch of blur to the photo and gives it a sense of movement.


People of Faith

I am a big believer in faith.  Growing up in Illinois, I was seen as being different because of my faith.  I wasn't like the other kids.  It helped me appreciate what I did believe and then as a adult it helped me re-evaluate my faith and figure out my belief system on my own.  I am LDS or what some call Mormon.  I think I'm a Christian.  Certainly not a perfect one, but a believer none the less.

As a kid, I didn't realize how many different belief systems there were.  While I have a strong faith in my church and the teachings it offers, I now see that most of these other faiths, Christian and non-Christian mostly teach the same pricipals that bring joy and happiness to people.

Years ago while working my way through college, my boss, the owner of a record store, was an athiest.  I was shocked to find out how moral he was.  Certainly his morality was not the same as mine with several important differences, but he was a person of fairly strong moral view and a definet philosophy of life.

Today is the semi-annual general world wide conference of my church.  And today, the church gets to do what churches are best at, and that is getting a large body of people to share a moral point of view so that they can function together in society.  Say what you will about an individual churches doctrin, in the end, how it teaches other people to behave is what affects us as we interact with them. 

Sorry, no pictures with this post, but more comming in the week.


Dave and Jessica

I photographed this cute young couple in July this summer.  The wedding was modest and elegant at the same time.  It was a delight to photograph this couple and their wedding.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the wedding.


First square space entry

This is my first entry into my new squarespace powered blog/website.  It will take a few days to get it set up the way I want an to see if it will do what I want.

What do I want?  I want a page that will act like a blog and a website.  I want to be able to have static pages such as photo galleries  and information pages, and also have a journal entry system that is searchable and that I can make links to.  I really like Jessica Claire's website/blog.