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Formal Bridals - Deanna

Some brides like formal studio bridals.  This beautiful blushing Russian bride came in for formal portraits.

If you want a formal studio bridal or an outdoor location bridal or even both...let me know. Let's talk. I can give you pointers and tips to prepare for a fabulous bridal. Call today. 801-502-5942



Bridals: The Portrait Your Parents Will Keep Forever

Your bridal portrait is the one everyone will see on display the moment they walk into your reception. It is the one that wil hang proudly in your parents home for decades. The one your little girls will treasure and dream about when they grow up. Do it right. Do it well. Do it with style.

Call today for your free consultation.

801-502-5942 or use the contact button on this page.


Charis' Bridal

Charis wanted to send a message to her Mister Right so, we helped her set this up in the studio. She was so cute.

"I Love You" is a simple enough message. But it always works when you mean it. Charis used tole paints, a sponge brush and photographers backdrop seamless paper in studio.


Emina: Fall Bridal

Emina was a student of mine back in her high school days. Now a days she is finishing work on a Ph.D. and she just got married a few days ago.

You can find more of Emina's bridals on my wedding blog right here.


Teaser: Yazmine's Bridals

I had a fun session at the Utah State Capitol last night with Yazmine. She's getting married in the fall. Yazmine is a free spirit and was very fun to work with. We shot the whole series barefoot!

Look for more of Yazmine later this week on my wedding blog at FrugalWeddingPhotos.