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Formal Bridals - Deanna

Some brides like formal studio bridals.  This beautiful blushing Russian bride came in for formal portraits.

If you want a formal studio bridal or an outdoor location bridal or even both...let me know. Let's talk. I can give you pointers and tips to prepare for a fabulous bridal. Call today. 801-502-5942



Bridals: The Portrait Your Parents Will Keep Forever

Your bridal portrait is the one everyone will see on display the moment they walk into your reception. It is the one that wil hang proudly in your parents home for decades. The one your little girls will treasure and dream about when they grow up. Do it right. Do it well. Do it with style.

Call today for your free consultation.

801-502-5942 or use the contact button on this page.


Bridal on the Temple Lawn

Brandon and Amber take a moment to enjoy being alone and being just married on the lawn of the Salt Lake City LDS temple in Utah.


Photographing Children

I have been doing a bit of fashion photography of late and it has kind of overshadowed some of the other work that I do.  I love photographing children.  I have been working with children professionally for over 12 years now.  You get a sense of what you can get them to do and how to bring out their best. 


This photo was taken while waiting for the bride.  These boys are the children of either the bride or groom and were soon to be brothers.  The bride was running late and we were killing time.  You can't let a space like this go to waste and it gave the boys something to do for a few minutes while we waited.



Twin Falls Wedding

Aubree was such a pretty bride and her wedding day went so smoothly.  The pictures at the temple were taken at mid-day when the sunlight is at its harshest. (when the sun is high in the sky it makes for unflattering shadows on human faces)


Just Married!

Time alone on the temple grounds: