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Manly Men of the Wedding

Make sure your photographer gets the captures the men of the wedding party.

Men don't usually like being in front of a camera, but if your photographer gives them a little direction and encouragement, you will get some images of your men to treasure.

Call to schedule a free consultation today: 801-502-5942


DJ's and Pop Musicians

I recently did a shoot of 4 DJ’s and 3 singers for a promotion company here in Salt Lake.  The shoot was here at home at my studio.  The guys were hanging out in the driveway and my 10 year old daughter came into the house and exclaimed to my wife that “There are some scary people outside”. Haha!  Well, they were different than what she is used to seeing around the house, but these guys were pretty cool.

The complete set can be seen here.


The how: One goal of the shoot was to “isolate on white” so that the images could be more easily used in graphic art for promotional materials. I shot them on white seamless paper with two lights aimed at the paper and then one reflective umbrella pointed at the subjects.  Lighting varied depending upon how far forward of the two background lights the subjects were placed.

I was really happy with the way this one turned out. Dolph likes his Mac computer.

In post, it was not too hard to clean up any areas that were not perfectly white.

Would you like your portrait taken? I do location and studio work with children, teens, families,  and yes, DJ’s. Contact me now to set up a portrait session.