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Bridals: This is Your Chance to Show Off the Dress

You have dreamt about this one dress for years. Now you have it. Make sure you get a photographer who will catch your personality along with all of the gowns nice details.


Bodice, Flowers, and You:

I have seen so many...too many images where an inexperienced photographer over exposed and under contrasted a wedding gown so that all the details were lost. I've had brides contact me after another photographer messed up the bridals to have them re-done. I say get it done right the first time. Then if you want to get into that gown one more time a few weeks/months later...then do a trash the dress session. Call me today to learn tips for getting the most out of your bridal session. 801-502-5942.


Trash the Dress

A photo session that is very popular with some brides is a set called "Trash the Dress".  These are photos taken in locations that you would never dream of taking your pristine dress before the wedding.  Places that would cause undue wear and tear on your dress.  This set with Raymie features a rather rumpled dress out at the Great Salt Lake of Utah.  I don't know if the dress will ever recover from the photo shoot, but the photos and Raymie are beautiful.