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Emotion and Marriage

Emotion is what photographers are supposed to photograph at a wedding. . . . or anything else. Get all the technical stuff right is great, but without the emotion in a photo, it is just waisted megabites on a hard drive.

Photographing emotion means that some of the photos are not going to be cookie cutter stuff. Some might be.

Desiree is a fun person. She has energy and life coming out of every pour of her body. As I photographed her wedding, it was this great personality that I wanted to capture. Junior, her husband is publicly quiet and reserved, but in close circles he can be a handful.

Now, who is kissing who? This is one happy bride.


Desi decided that if Junior could pick her up, dang it, she could return the favor!

Hide and seek. This couple loves to play and have fun. Hide and seek at the temple was just them.



Getting Married?

If you are planning a wedding, the first person to talk to is your photographer. Your photographer can be your best friend in many ways. Photographers have photographed many events in many locations and seen lots of weddings go well and a few not so well. Getting your photographer set early can ensure that you get the one you want, who gets your style and fits your personality. Your photographer can get to know you and what is important to you.

You are going to spend a small fortune on a single day. The day after, the flowers will be in the trash bins and we won't mention where the food is going to end up. You want to make sure those memories are preserved well and beautifully.


Billie Jean Bridals

Here are a few more photographs from Billie Jeans bridal session in Memory Grove.