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Model Call

Seeking models for commercial sessions. Fashion dresses and skirts, swim wear, fitness, beauty/glamour.  Sizes 0-6, 5'7" or taller.



email: for more information.  Please include a recent headshot. 


What Do Photographers Want In A Model?

I got asked this question today, and curiously several of my photographer friends have been discussing this the past couple of days. So I thought I would take a moment to share some of the things these great photographers had to say.  I'm not putting them in any kind of order so here goes:

One photographer said: "The longer I shoot with models it's attitude/character/dependability. Looks are easy to find."  I personally relate to this. "Looks" are subjective but we all love having a good time working with people and we hate flakes or people with attitude.  So be easy to get along with and keep your commitments.

Another photographer said: "A model who is prepared is really important to me. Clean skin and hair, shaved legs and even facial hair. It makes the job easier for my hmua and saves on time with the shoot and with editing."  I've had models show up with sunburns, flaking skin, new tattoos that were not in their previous images, old nail polish, bad manicures, unshaved legs, armpits, etc.  None of us want to take extra time to fix these things.

Many photographers said something like "More than one facial expression."  Models need to be able to create different moods and emotions. Models who don't know their own face make it hard to create interesting images.

Hands... "I adore beautiful hands and really appreciate their proper care because I want them in frame. And double yes on expression."  I would add that I find many models that don't know how to use their hands and it is a pain trying to get hands that look relaxed not limp and not rigid.  It is amazing how hands can make or break an image.  Practice your hand posture in the mirror.

You don't have to be a carbon copy of your favorite top model. "I like to shoot with a model who is attractive or who has a cool/unique look if not "traditionally attractive."  Learn to make the best of your shape and look. What do you do well? It is your job to understand how a photographer or art director might be able to use you.

Think about this great comment "Self awareness when it comes to facial expressions and body positions. While I don't mind coaching (I do it all the time with regular customers), I definitely appreciate when a model already has a sense of where she is and what her body is doing. (models: practice in front of a mirror different poses and expressions, practice, practice, practice)"

So, you don't have much experience? Not all is lost. Read this comment: "#1 Can they do the job that's needed. If I'm sourcing a model for a client then I want to see current professional headshots, digitals and/or comp card that actually look like them. Tear sheets are a plus. A website or facebook page are a plus. I would want to send this info to the client. Of course, I want to know they are reliable and will show up prepared. Experience is a plus but if they don't have this then if they are open to direction and being part of a team, that works for me too. The last thing I want is to have someone show up in front of a client and not be able to's bad for them and me. Once I know they can do the job, then do they have the attributes needed for the assignment (this could be facial features, height, size, muscles, curves, etc. Most of this would be deferred to the client though I would provide my recommendations."

In our discussion, the only specific feature mentioned was "cheek bones".  No one mentioned dress size, hair color, height, bust, or other physical features.

There are many ways to get going with modeling. Being smart, being prepared, going after opportunities, being polite but persistent. Don't give up.

I build portfolios for models.  If you would like a free consultation please call my office and lets get you started being a successfull model.  801-502-5942 or email



Brittany D. Portfolio Addition

This is a throwback to July 14th of 2012. Brittany was just getting started modeling and we added some pieces for her portfolio with some dresses and bikini swimsuit.  We shot this at Wheeler Farm in Murray, Utah.

Call today and schedule your consultation to build or start your modeling career. 801-502-5942


Rosine Diwutu

Rosine lives in Murray Utah and has been getting a lot of notice as of late.

Looking great in a black bikini with white polka dots and rocking a wild afro.


It is kind of hard to find an inviting beach in Utah in February. Love this swimsuit with the high waisted bottoms.

Black heels, high waisted bikini bottom and a matching polka dot bikini swimsuit.

Rosine Diwutu. An African beauty, living it up here in the USA.

Hair and make up by Tina Adams-Larsen: Website here Facebook here.

Model: Rosine Diwutu: Facebook here.

Photographer: Tom Sparks


Getting Started Modeling: Tessa Anderson

Tessa is just getting started out modeling and trying to build a portfolio. She was kinda nervous at first, so we just worked to get her smiling and relaxed. We got some great stuff out of her. I think it surprised her.

These were taken out near the Great Salt Lake near Salt Lake City, Utah. I couldn't begin to tell you what designer or store the pink bikini swimsuit is from, but she rocked it.

Near the first location there is a railroad with a freeway overhead. This gave us some great textures, backgrounds and moods for some awesome shots.

Couldn't pull this look of without the great lighting assistance from my friend Tom Jackson.


After the sun went down we went out to the edge of the lake to get a couple last shots before the sun made its final exit for the day.

Parting shot with the pink and purple sky at sunset.

I build portfolios that get models started and a fun career. Call or email to set up a fun and exciting session and get a good start on your portfolio today. 801-502-5942


You can find Tessa's full set here: Tessa Anderson

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Ashley Lund

Fitness set with Ashley Lund.



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Swimsuit in Spring

Kacie this spring.



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Casting Call / Dance

I am looking for a female dancer for a stock project in early April. Dancer must have own attire in both classic and modern genre, need to be able to leap with good extention. Pay is $25/hr minimum of 2 hours.

Please send a link to your portfolio including dance images and a headshot to:


Models Needed for August Shoots

I will be doing four shoots demonstrating posing.  I need models who are willing to be posed. Will be studio shoots, in evening or night (my studio is hot in the summer so I like to shoot later in the day)

Sets will be 1) sitting  2) standing  3) props  4) with another person. I’d like to work each set with a jeans and t-shirt look a dress.

Bridals: I have 4 wedding dresses or you could have your own dress.

Swimsuit: For use in a posing guide. I’m interested in working with a teen for examples of photographing a younger teen in an appropriate, happy, healthy, innocent look. I’m also looking for a 18-22 aged model to demonstrate posing a swimsuit model for sexy look.

Dance: Studio and Location, Ballet, modern, ballroom

I am looking for a female Japanese model for a shoot in September.

Compensation: I am offering TFP for a commercial release. Models gets 20 to 25 images on a web gallery and may download and use them for their personal portfolio and their personal websites.

If you are interested in any of these castings, please contact me via email at Please include a photo of your face, a full body photo if you are interested in swimsuit, and a link to your website (best Facebook gallery, MM, OMP, personal website)



A guest post from Torsten Bangerter on Modeling

The other day I suggested to Torsten that he write guest post for this blog. So, Take it away Tbang.

So the other day Tom asked me to write a totally awesome blog post for his blog thingy, I was like I have lots of mad writing skill and I am full of wisdom and whit, so I was like for sure I'll do it. Now in all reality I am not the skilled at this crazy writing thing but I will do my best to share my wisdom and whit.

Lets list a bunch of things that models need to think about before doing a shoots, These things include, comunicating with the photog, wardrobe, makeup, hair, theme, use of pics, who is going to come be your escort, do you even need an escort, confidence, facial expressions, mad posing skills, what type of model release is the photog going to have, location, and how are you going to get to the shoot.

Lets go over a few of these things quickly. I'll address some of the other things later, Today I want to go over Hair and Makeup, Wardrobe, and the purpose of the shoot.

First I want to address Hair and Makeup. I am no MUA (Makeup Artist) I really have no idea what looks uber legit and totally awesome, so I leave that up to qualified Makeup Professionals. These peps can do wonder for a shoot. They can really help get the look that you and the photog are going for. Hair is same kind of deal if you want something super totally awesome I would find a hair stylist for sure. Often you can do your own, but if you want it to look uber awesome I would use a MUA and a Hairstylist.

Ok lets go over wardrobe. How are you going to acquire the clothes, is it something you already have, are you going to borrow something from a friend, are you going to go on a shopping spree (everyone loves shopping), or is the photographer going to provide some for you. This may be obvious but maybe not for some, make sure all of your clothing goes well together, its washed and free of wrinkles. Pay attention to shoes some times those are over looked, they can be a very nice accessory. Make sure not to go over board with too many accessories like five million necklaces and three billion rings, a couple of rings and one necklace is good. Some times its fun to look at thrift store to get crazy clothes.

Now lets talk about the purpose of the shoot. What are the images going to be used for, is it just a portfolio builder for you or the photographer, are the going to be used in stock images, are they doing a crazy magazine shoot for Vogue or something like that, is it going to be used in a fine art gallery, or are you just bored and like taking photos. When thinking about the purpose of the use it is important think about compensation (what you are getting paid).

Well I hope this helps

T Bang

TorBang Photography

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